Limousine service

Limousine extra service : incase of client need to do more extra service with “Confaster Limousine”.  Our extra service can deliver customers to specific route/location (Based on ordering from customers). If client would like to order extra service, customers would need to show attention by filling the form, the requirement from includes distance (Start – Stop) and exact destination. The lead time for estimating travel fare is approximately 1 – 2 working days. Once customers have any question regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Please note: The travel fare will be estimated by actual distance. Therefore, client will not be charged for additional cost.

Transaction process

After customers done for booking process. Next, Confaster will send customers a confirmation email to make a payment process. The content of email includes, service cost (Breakdown) and payment detail (We provide you a Paypal channel for facilitating transaction).


You can cancel VIP Fast Track and Limousine service at anytime before 24 hours of the reserved service time. If we need to cancel your booking any paid deposit will be returned to you next business day. Reasons for cancellation can be :

  • booking with too many people for the vehicle,
  • booking less than 18 hours prior to the reserved time,
  • booking to temporarily or permanently unreachable destinations,
  • booking to very remote area of Bangkok and service area,
  • bookings for hotels that are actually located in a different city

During peak season in Thailand (December 25 to January 5 and April 11-17), we are able to accept cancellation request until 3 days prior to the reserved service time.

Cancellations & Refunds :

Incases of cancellation and reimbursement.

  •  Customer will be able to do a refund when Consfaster can not deliver staff on time at the meeting location.
  • At least 24 hours will allow to do a refund (After customer finished payment process)

Incase of uncancelled reimbursements.

  • Customer arrive late at the meeting location (not over 30 mins will be allowed).
  • Customer cancel trip or change flight but there is no prior to inform Confaster.
  • Customer will not be refundable, if Confaster deliver all services till the end of trip.

Please note : All prices on Confaster website charge in US dollars, which includes fee and tax.

  • Booking fees and charges. All price on Our website are in US dollars and include fee and taxes. service provider and/or taxes and fees may still apply

Account privacy

– Confaster company can ensure that all information will be protected and secured. Your information will not be utilized to other business      purposes (Business or criminal).
–  All existing customers will receive news and promotion via email frequently.
– All spam emails will not allow in this service.