Khao Yai (Big Mountain) National Park cover 4 provinces (11 districts) in Thailand. It is the first national park in Thailand. The second name of this mountain is the “National Park of Asian”. There are so many attractive locations, views and activities, which motivate travelers to visit this mountain throughout the year. Furthermore, all rare local animals are conserved by officer of national park in the security zone (Such as leopards, elephants, monkeys and etc). Travelers can ask for permission to see these rare local animals (Day & Night). The opening time is 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM. Furthermore, there are so many homestays and luxury hotels in this mountain. Therefore, travelers can have so many choices for accommodations with close the nature. Lastly, travelers can travel from Bangkok easily by taking bus or taxi cap (2 hours).

Please note : Accommodations are always full booking during the weekend and holidays. Thus, please book your accommodation in advance.