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Generally, when you are traveling to Thailand, you will always confront with many immigrant process at airports.  It might take you up to an hour for declaring your documents. Consequently, you might lost your opportunities in terms of business and traveling.

We established the company to solve this critical problem for client, which named “Confaster” in 2010. With more than 7 years of experience, we have provided services which includes Premium Fast Track and Luxury Limousine.

We have professional staffs who are expert in terms of immigrant processing and chauffer servicing with well service-mindedness.

We will deliver the best service as you arrive for your best travel experience and transfer you to the next destination until the end of trip with luxury limousine.

How to use

VIP Fast Track Limousine Service


1. Book online

Fill up the booking form.

2. Get e-mail

Verify your service order.

3. Pay

Complete your order through Paypal.

4. Meet

Get professional VIP Fast Track Service.


VIP Fast Track Service

Suvarnabhumi  & Don Muang Airport

Regular price

Price rate per person 1-5 pers. 6-10 pers. 11-19 pers
Arrival Service $39 $35 $32
Departure Service $39 $35 $32
Arrival & Departure Service $72 $66 $60


with Limousine Booked

Price rate per person 1-5 pers. 6-10 pers. 11-19 pers
Arrival Service $34 $31 $29
Departure Service $34 $31 $29
Arrival & Departure Service $64 $59 $56

Phuket Airport

Price rate per person 1-5 pers. 6-10 pers. 11-19 pers
Arrival Service $32 $32 $30
Departure Service $32 $32 $30
Arrival & Departure Service $60 $59 $57

* Rates are per passport holder, regardless of age
** All inclusive

Displayed Dollar price is referred to US Dollar

Baggage Porter & Golf Cart

Price rate per car

  • Baggage porter (1 pers./car)
    For handling your baggage throughout the airport

    • 1-5 car : $11/car
    • 6-10 car : $10/car
  • Golf cart (3 pers./car)
    For transporting throughout the airport

    • 1-5 car : $34/car
    • 6-10 car : $29/car

* Golf cart service is not available at Phuket Airport.

Visa On Arrival Assistance Service

Price rate per person

  • Suvarnabhumi & Don Muang Airport
    Regular price 

    • 1-5 pers.: $54/pers.
    • 6-10 pers.: $51/pers.
    • 11-19 pers.: $48/pers
  • Suvarnabhumi & Don Muang Airport
    with Limousine Booked 

    • 1-5 pers.: $48/pers.
    • 6-10 pers.: $45/pers.
    • 11-19 pers.: $42/pers
  • Phuket Airport
    • $43/pers.

* Only particular countries are eligible for VOA Service
Please see the list.

** Visa fee is not included (฿2,000 as of Dec. 2016).

Limousine Service

The prices are estimated by distance. Please submit a limousine booking to get the actual price from our customer service via email.

Service is currently not available at Phuket Airport.

Fare Rate

From To Toyota Camry (1-2 pax) Van (1-7 pax)
Bangkok Don Muang $36 $42
Bam Phe, Rayong $69 $90
Koh Chang

(+$15 for boat fare)

(+$33 for boat fare)
Hua Hin $75 $90
Don Muang Airport Hua Hin $84 $105
Suvarnabhumi Airport Don Muang Airport $36 $42
Donmuang or Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok (non-Thonburi area) $36 $39
Bangkok (Thonburi area) $39 $42
Pattaya $42 $57
Ban Phe, Rayong $66 $81
Koh Chang (+$15 for boat fare) (+$33 for boat fare)
Pattaya Bangkok $48 $63
Don Muang Airport $54 $72


What is VIP Fast track Thailand?
It is an extra service to assist you facing with serious circumstances at the airport. Our first priority is to help customers complete immigrant process by using premium lane without any obstacles. We will be there to help with strong experience and good service-mindedness.
How to VIP Fast track working?

We will send you confirmation email after you finished booking either Fast Track or Luxury Limousine Service on website and transaction processing. The email will include booking summary and guideline.

Which nationalities are eligible on applying Visa on Arrival Service?

Visitors from, currently, 15 countries that are allowed to use the convenient Visa on Arrival Service. Visa On Arrival assistance and Fast Track Service does not include the Immigration Department’s Visa fee of 1000 baht (as of Dec. 2016). Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport, Phuket Airport. VOA assistance and Fast track Service is available to citizens of nearly all countries that are listed on the VOA info page, the page that also shows the requirements and limitations of Visa on Arrival in Thailand.

How to find our staff in case of prime time?

We will provides you 2 channels to contact us; telephone and chat. You will able to use Live Chat at our website anytime. However, we will rearrange the new location for you or send staff to pick up you at the meeting location around 5 minutes.

How does payment processing work?
After you book Confaster’s service, we will send you booking summary to make a transaction. Therefore, we would like to recommend you make transaction by using PayPal’s service since they provide convenient and secure purchase.

Contact Us

Confaster Service HQ

390 Russell st. Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel. +61 422851778

Confaster Service

5801/72 Asoke dindeang Bangkok 10400
Tel. +66 944566516